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Stereo variable-gain (vari-mu) compressor RSE VMU-1

Stereo variable-gain (vari-mu) compressor RSE VMU-1

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This device is a glue for your track, which helps to connect parts of it together.

Slight soft compression with settable attack and release time lets you reach the desired results in the mastering process. The device has traditional architecture, but a unique schematic, so its sound is individual. High-quality stepped potentiometers and attack/release times rotary switchers complement the fully balanced schematic in aspiration to build the precision instrument with linear frequency response and minimal distortions. The device includes 6 transformers and 6 double triode tubes, which fill the sound with harmonics and make the sound rich and soft.
 Input and output transformers
  • High overload capability(+14dB max)
  • Wide frequency response (20Hz - 20kHz)
  • Selectable attack and release time
  • Stepped potentiometers
  • Linked or separated channels compression
  • Fully balanced schematic
  • Balanced INPUT & OUTPUT
  • Rare VU meters
  • 19` 3U standard chassis
  • Stabilized PSU (200V-240V/100V-120V)
  • Wide GR range (up to 20:1)
  • Switchable High Pass Side Chain Filter -3dB (FLAT/60Hz/120Hz/240Hz)

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