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RSE Audio

On-table channel strip RSE-Model-101

On-table channel strip RSE-Model-101

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Model-101 can be applied when recording vocals, wind and string instruments, and percussion. Additionally, the back panel of the tube modification is equipped with a high-impedance input (HI-Z) so it can be paired with an electric, bass guitar, or keys.

We humans love to keep our favorite things as close to us as possible, to admire and be inspired by them! Our TPC-I mk2 device has become a favorite treasure for many of our customers, a device they use daily. Therefore, it became the basis of this desktop device, which was made to fully fulfill the functions of its predecessor, but in an on-table form factor. This allows you to position your favorite device anywhere on your desktop, and also frees up space in the rack for more RSE devices!

The desire for compactness limited the space inside the case, so we decided to move the power supply outside. In addition to thermal unloading, this also reduced the noise level received by the amplifying stages.
To make the device more affordable, we also created the modification of Model-101-IC. It doesn't have the costly vacuum tubes inside. We replaced them with high-quality, low-noise operational amplifiers.

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