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8 channel line-to-mic level converter RSE LTM-8

8 channel line-to-mic level converter RSE LTM-8

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Rear connectors

RSE LTM-8 is an 8 channel line-to-mic level converter, built with unique high-quality amorphous-core transformers, with separated shielding. Such a solution provides balanced inputs and outputs for every channel with minimal noise and distortion.

A multifunctional device that allows you to match the line output signal from your DAW with the MIC level input of 500 modules or any preamp to saturate the sound with harmonics, or to process it with series analog processors with high gain input. It has DB25 inputs and outputs on the rear side and XLR inputs on the front one. You can switch the source of signal for each channel, line from the rear side, or MIC from the front side. Also, for the line signal, you are allowed to select the attenuation level - 20dB or -36db. Every channel has the ground/lift switcher on the front side.

Technical Specifications 

  • Source output impedansce : <1kOhm
  • Input signal: +4...+14dBu; Mic. level input (front panel)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Input type: balnced (transformer)
  • Output type: balnced (transformer)
  • Signal Pad: -20/-36dB Pad selector
  • Ground/Lift: Yes, separated for each channel
  • Input connectors 1: DB25 line inputs and MIC outputs on the rear side (can be changed to TRSs)
  • Input connectors 2: Neutrik XLR MIC on the front side (can be changed to TRSs)
  • Size: 19` 1U standard chassis
  • Power voltage: doesn't need the power
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