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500 Series tube preamp with optical compression RSE PC 502

500 Series tube preamp with optical compression RSE PC 502

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This device is unique thanks to its architecture, its transformers and our irrepressible desire to make a device that would finally solve the problem of a truly high quality tube preamp with an optical compressor in the 500 series format. In this model we introduced a supplementary amplification stage, source follower cascades on FET transistor, and output stage based on the low-noise opamp, which made it possible to equip the device with a compressor circuit and extra low noise. Thus, gain is obtained with traditional tube amplifier stages in cascade. As a result, you can enjoy the full-bodied sound of a tube amplifier.

Compressor parameters can be adjusted using the compression character switch (soft/hard) and the compressor threshold knob. To be able to compensate for the attenuation of the signal after compression, the device has an output signal level knob. And to monitor the operation of the device, it is equipped with LED indicators of the output signal level and the gain reduction level.
The device has a power on/off feature, that lets user optimize the overal rack power consu,tion.
These features make the PC502 the most versatile device in our collection.


Technical Specifications

Preamp section:

  • Mic. input impedance: 500Ω/2kΩ
  • Max gain: +72dB
  • Hi-Zinput impedance: 1MΩ
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-1.5dB)
  • Input/Output type: Balanced (transformers)
  • Amplifying element: Hybrid
  • Power consumption: 320mA

Compressor (soft mode):

  • Ratio: ~ 5/1, soft knee
  • Attak time: ~ 200ms
  • Release time: ~ 1000ms 

Compressor (hard mode):

  • Ratio: ~ 20/1, soft knee
  • Attak time: ~ 5ms
  • Release time: ~ 2000ms
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