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500 Series tube&optical compressor RSE TC505

500 Series tube&optical compressor RSE TC505

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The TC505 is an extraordinary piece of equipment that stands out from the rest. What sets this 500 series compressor apart is its inclusion of two compression elements within a single unit. This innovative design allows users to effortlessly switch between tube (vari mu) and optical compression, offering two distinct characters in one compact body.

With switchable attack and release times, ratio, and a smooth threshold control, the TC505 provides unparalleled flexibility in shaping your desired compression effect. Whether you prefer the softeness of tube compression or the transparency and precision of optical compression, this module has got you covered.

Both compression modes feature a soft knee characteristic, ensuring seamless and transparent compression even in more aggressive settings. Furthermore, the incorporation of tube and input/output transformers enriches the signal with harmonics, adding depth and character to your audio. The balanced schematic not only enhances sensitivity to low interferences but also minimizes distortions for pristine sound quality.

Additionally, the TC505 boasts a convenient link channels feature (pin 6), enabling the connection of multiple modules to create a multiple channel operating setup. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a comprehensive dinamics solution.

Elevate your audio production with the TC505 – a truly exceptional compressor that combines the best of both worlds

Technical Specifications

Common section:

  • Input signal type: Line-level (+4dBu)
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-1.5dB)
  • Input/Output type: Balanced (transformers)
  • Amplifying element: Hybrid
  • MIX mode: Yes (smotth control)
  • Power consumption: 320mA

Compressor (tube mode):

  • Knee type: soft
  • Ratio: 1/2...10/1 (switchable slope)
  • Attak time: 1...50ms (switchable)
  • Release time: 50...1000ms (switchable)

Compressor (optical mode):

  • Knee type: medium
  • Ratio: 1/2...10/1 (switchable slope)
  • Attak time: 10...200ms (switchable)
  • Release time: 200...1000ms (switchable)

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