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500 Series standard 4U rack

500 Series standard 4U rack

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So much 500 series gear but so few racks for it. Let us introduce you to our junior 500 series rack with a built-in PSU. It's small and has only 4 slots but it has a big heart...I mean the powerful power supply, as it provides the load up to 4 Amperes! So don't worry about voracious modules which don't fit the 500 series standards, just use them and be sure, that the vents take warm air outside from your modules and PSU. This beast works in a wide power voltage range 200-250V(100-125V) and provides you the stabilized bus voltage +/-16V and +48V.

Technical Specifications

  • Power voltage: 200-250VAC(50Hz)/100-125VAC(60Hz)
  • Output voltage +/- 16VDC: 4A
  • Output voltage +48VDC: 50mA
  • Internal connections: 500 series standart(see the picture of pinout)
  • Output connections: 1 XLR in & 1 XLR per channel (Neutrik)
  • Stereo link: Yes (jumper inside the rack)
  • Serial modules link: No
  • Ground/Lift: Yes, for each channel (jumper inside the rack)
  • USB modules control: No
  • Built in DAC: No
  • Built in ADC: No
  • Built in mixer: No
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