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500 Series monoglue compressor RSE MC506

500 Series monoglue compressor RSE MC506

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The piece of 500 series gear that melds two signals together. An ideal remedy for mischievous rhythm sections and more.

The monoglue compressor not only mixes channels in analog way but also delicately compresses the combined signal using a VCA compressor IC. To impart a smoothness and warmth, we have used a dual vacuum triode. Furthermore, our unique branded transformers not only provide a wide frequency range but also infuse a subtle saturation into the signal.

Channel A & Channel B have the fully balanced transformer inputs. After the intermediate amplification, signals are mixed (the mixing ratio depends on two independent input gain regulators). The mixed signal level can be controlled with the 'Tube gain regulator' and goes to the tube stage, which enriches the signal with the harmonics. The signal from the tube goes to two sources at the same time - DRY out (level controlled with knob) and WET out (is also controlled with the knob, but not only it). The main magic occurs in a WET channel. We used a famous THAT2181 IC to compress the signal with minimal distortion and extremely short possible attack/release times, which can be extended if needed with stepped controls. The compression chain has traditional controls - Threshold, Ratio, Attack, and Release. The ratio can be set up to 1:20 which transforms the compressor into the limiter.
In fact, the user receives two signals - an uncompressed signal on the output of channel A and a compressed one on the output of channel B. The Compress/Bypass switcher puts the uncompressed signal to the output A and B at the same time and deactivates the compression chains. Both channels have fully balanced transformer outputs as well.

Technical Specifications

  • Inputs: 2 x Balanced line-level (+4dBu)
  • Compression ratio: 1/2; 1/4; 1/20
  • Attack time: 0.8-2.7-8.2-26-80-250ms
  • Release time: 0.17-0.21-0.35-0.54-1.0-2.0
  • Outputs: 2 x Balanced line-level (+4dBu)
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