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Multiple channel microphone preamplifier MP-41

Multiple channel microphone preamplifier MP-41

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RSE MP-41 – A 4-channel boutique class A tube mic preamp. It’s designed following best old-school practices combined with modern developments in technology. Featuring our original transformers, the RSE MP-41 provides a balanced input and output, ensuring pristine audio quality. The use of high voltage feed from the external PSU and a stabilized heater voltage greatly minimizes interference, resulting in a crystal-clear sound.

Each channel of the RSE MP-41 offers up to 60dB of clean tube gain, allowing you to achieve the perfect level of amplification for your recordings. With the added PAD, polarity, HPF, and phantom power switchers, you have complete control over shaping your sound.

To assist you in monitoring and controlling the gain precisely, the RSE MP-41 is equipped with a 10 segment LED output signal indicator. This feature allows you to visually track and adjust the gain with 3dB precision, ensuring optimal recording levels.

Technical Specifications

  • Mic. input impedance: 500Ω
  • Max gain: +60dB
  • Hi-Zinput impedance: 1M
  • Frequency range: 30Hz-20kHz (+/-1.5dB)
  • Input/Output type: Balanced (transformers)
  • Amplifying element: Tube JJ ECC83S
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