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19in rack for 2 x 500 series modules

19in rack for 2 x 500 series modules

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The ultimate gear solution for the 500 series module mounting. We believe such a piece of gear can find its place in many studios thanks to a reliable and powerful power supply with a 1Ampere load. To reduce the interference, it's decided to place the toroidal transformer and the rectifiers in an external power supply unit. In addition, each channel has separate linear stabilizers which are placed on the big heatsink on the rear side of the rack.

One more unique feature is the VU metering system. On the front panel, we placed a couple of backlighted analog needle meters and three switches. With the switches, the user is able to set the mode of the VU meters. Two of them select the source of the signal (the input or output of the corresponding channel) and the second one - is common for both channels and selects the max signal level. The user can choose +4dBu or +22dBu. When recording, it makes sense to set the max level to +4dBu position, and when mastering, the max level of +22dBu is more appropriate.

The rack has developed inter-modular communication. The user is able to mute each channel and link the first channel's output with the second's input.

Technical Specifications

  • Power voltage: 200-250VAC(50Hz)/100-125VAC(60Hz)
  • Output voltage +/- 16VDC: 2A
  • Output voltage +48VDC: 25mA
  • Internal connections: 500 series standart(see the picture of pinout)
  • Output connections: 1 XLR in & 1 XLR per channel (Neutrik)
  • Stereo link: No
  • Serial modules link: Yes
  • Ground/Lift: Yes, general on the PSU
  • USB modules control: No
  • Built in DAC: No
  • Built in ADC: No
  • Built in mixer: No
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