TPC-I Pro - multiple input channel strip


TPC-I Pro - multiple input channel strip
TPC-I Pro - multiple input channel strip
TPC-I Pro - multiple input channel strip
TPC-I Pro - multiple input channel strip

TPC-I Pro was designed at mr. Andrei Vakhnenko (aka ANDI VAX) request, sound producer, remixer, and composer.

Impressed with TPC-I mk2 capabilities, Mr. Vakhnenko soon became our endorser and asked for a few adjustments to the basic model that include:


1) Additional line level input with separated transformer and XLR connector;

2) Extended frequency response (20Hz-20kHz)

3) Selectable HPF (20Hz/120Hz)

4) Reduced Mic channel gain (52dB) to make the gain control smoother and more precise.

5) Compression mode switcher and its bypassing one are combined on the one switcher.

6) Added the compression section frequency sidechain switcher for three positions (120Hz/60Hz/20Hz)

7) The GR level indication is made more obvious and useful.

Like with all custom-designed products, we put a lot of time and effort into it and even shipped it to Kyiv a couple of times until we all agreed it was perfect.
Soon afterward the original device underwent a few modifications and is now known as TPC-I Pro holding a special place in our collection

“RSE TPC-1 Pro is my go-to vocals compressor. Condenser and tube microphones sounds phenomenal in it. Tube compressor module is very smooth and invisible. Low cut filters for sidechain and input are very handy additions. Line input helps me to process sounds directly from DAW. Recommend TPC-1 Pro to anyone who searching for affordable and quality tube microphone preamp.”

Andi Vax (Jamala, Imanbek, TamerlanAlena, Hardkiss)

A brief review of the device can be found on



MIC, DI, Line
Microphone Input Impedance
500 Ω / 2kΩ
Maximum Output Level
+15 dBu
Internal Output Impedance
120 Ω
Recommended Minimum Load
600 Ω
Frequency Response
Maximum Gain
Power Voltage
230/115VAC (+/-10%)
Power Consumption
~ 30 watts
Compressor Soft Mode
~10:1, soft knee
Attack Time
~ 200 ms
Release Time
~ 1000 ms
Compressor Hard Mode
~ 30:1, hard knee
Attack Time
~ 5 ms
Release Time
~200 ms
19" W x 3.5" H x 6.7" D
2.7 kg

TPC-I Pro - multiple input channel strip